Fernie Counselling services - Photo: "Kootenay Lake Dream" by Keya
Counselling can ease your mind and bring peace to your life.

Looking for certified Counselling in Fernie, BC? You’ve come to the right place. Counselling at our clinic is an opportunity to work through life’s challenges with compassionate, skilled, effective counsellor that will help you make positive changes based on your goals.

Our counsellor is client-centered. This means that you will work on what’s important to you and be an active decision maker in your treatment. Morgan is relationship-focused, meaning they understand that the therapeutic relationship is the most important element in successful counselling.

Morgan is also evidence-based, which means the approaches she uses has been tested and proven to work. The research shows that people who commit to therapy with a skilled counsellor, benefit from it. These benefits can include a better ability to cope with life’s challenges, higher self esteem, fewer ruminating thoughts, more confidence, and better sleep.

Our clinic offers individual as well as relationship counselling. Counselling can help couples develop better communication skills and improve their ability to repair after a conflict, leading to overall deeper satisfaction with each other, and more peace of mind.

At Thunder Meadows Health & Wellness we have a very highly skilled Counsellor,
Morgan Stock MA, RCC.

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