I’ve never had a massage by an RMT, what should I expect in a treatment?
A massage therapy session always consists of:

  • an interview to find why you have come and the nature and quality of the injury/pain
  • muscle and joint assessment with special tests and posture observation
  • treatment
  • reassessment and rehabilitation exercises and stretching

How do I prepare for my first massage visit?
Please arrive clean and showered with your last big meal 2 – 3 hours ago and well hydrated. Please tell your family and friends not to bother you on your cell phone unless it is an emergency.

What should I wear to a Massage Therapy session?
Flexible fitting pants, shorts or tops are best for the initial assessment as your therapist may be stretching a limb, taking it to its full range of motion, or testing muscles and joints. Once you are on the table it is up to your comfort level how much you want to undress. Your therapist will only undrape what they are working on so the rest of your body is covered up at all times.

Does my insurance provider require a doctor’s referral for massage therapy?
Most Insurance companies do not need a doctor’s referral but you should always phone and check.

I just found out I’m pregnant. How soon should I start coming for massage?
As soon as you want to, there is no risk to having a massage in your first trimester when working with an educated massage therapist. If you are considered a high risk pregnancy though, please have consent from your maternity physician/healthcare provider prior to your first massage visit.

I just had my baby. How long do I wait until I can have a massage?
As soon as you are able to move around and do simple daily activities, which is usually within 2—9 days. If you have had a cesarean section massage is extremely beneficial and can be given as soon as you are able to bend forward and do simple daily tasks.