What is a dietitian?

Will I be put on a diet?
No, you will not be put on a specific diet. Samara will work with you to figure out how to adapt your current dietary patterns and integrate personalized nutrition recommendations so you can reach your goals in practical and enjoyable ways. If you are interested in exploring certain dietary patterns (e.g low carb, plant-based, keto), Samara’s aim is to support and guide you through evidence-based recommendations to review any risks and ensure you are meeting your nutrient needs. 

Do I have to take supplements?
Samara will prioritize optimizing your nutrient intake via food, however nutrient supplementation can be of benefit and will be assessed based upon your diet, bloodwork and other relevant data. 

Will my insurance provider cover appointments with a dietitian?
Most health plans provide some coverage for dietitian services. Check with your employer or insurance provider to find out!

How can I best prepare for my appointment with a dietitian?
Having recent blood work results, if applicable, as well as 1-3 days documented of your typical food intake is not required but can help to get a running start in your session! It is also important to remember that we cannot tackle everything in one appointment, so prioritizing your goals and outcomes is helpful.