Fernie Physiotherapist Devan Tessolini

Devan is a Registered Physiotherapist (Pelvic Health and Orthopaedic) with a passion for using movement as medicine. She has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a major in Athletic Therapy and a master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Alberta. Since starting her practice in 2013, she has taken further education to gain certifications in pelvic health, post natal strength and conditioning, acupuncture, dry needling, and manual therapy. She was born and raised in Canmore, Alberta and spent most of her time pursuing the active outdoor lifestyle. She recently moved to the Elk Valley with her husband and daughter to continue living the mountain life. 

As a physio, her focus is to guide you through the process of healing and becoming more confident about your body.  Devan’s approach to pelvic health involves her assessing and understanding when to treat the pelvic floor and when to look elsewhere in the body for the solution. For instance, the issue may be leaking urine while laughing, the cause may involve the pelvic floor specifically or another area in the body that needs attention and treatment. She performs her assessment and treatment around her background in orthopedics and her specialized skills in pelvic floor evaluation to see the whole picture of someone’s situation.  She avoids just treating the pesky symptoms and looks for what’s driving the issue at its’ root.

Her philosophy in physiotherapy is solution and success based with a focus on client education and confidence building. Her practice is grounded in breath and core work, layering movement and strength into the rehabilitation process. Rest assured that you will be provided with positive and supportive care and attention to your personal needs and goals. Devan will help guide you through a sustainable and manageable treatment plan and give you the confidence and tools needed. Her one-on-one assessments and treatments are in a private room with complete confidentiality.  Devan will be there to facilitate a respectful and trusting experience. She is there to help you recover and get you going again!

Devan believes in movement and mindfulness as key elements to maintaining a healthy and happy life. She is a mother to two beautiful children and understands first hand the journey of navigating pelvic health while parenting and beyond.  Outside of work, you can find her enjoying the great outdoors with her family, or on her yoga mat, finding her daily Zen.

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