Samara Ohm is a Registered Dietitian and Fernie local. She has a bachelors of science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Acadia University, and a masters of science degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Samara’s interest in food and health started at a young age, and her journey to becoming a dietitian started upon realizing home economics class and biology were her strengths. After completing her education and one year internship, Samara moved back to BC with her now husband, and ended up back in her hometown of Fernie!

Samara has worked in cardiac rehabilitation and outpatient settings helping individuals manage various chronic diseases and health concerns. Most of Samara’s career has been spent specializing in nutrition counselling and behaviour change to support chronic disease and weight management. She is also passionate about working with parents to build healthy nutrition habits at home and reduce the stress that can come with feeding the family. 

Samara utilizes cognitive behavioural strategies and habit formation techniques within her counselling approach. She strives to support individuals in achieving their nutrition goals while fostering a positive relationship to food. Healthy eating is a seemingly simple practice, however the amount of conflicting nutrition information we’re exposed to can be challenging to navigate. Whether you are looking to manage chronic disease or health conditions, establish a positive relationship with food, or fuel your adventures in the mountains, Samara brings an evidence-based, simplified perspective to help individuals build enjoyable and sustainable dietary habits. 

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