Do you suffer from chronic pain? Have you experienced trauma, stress, grief, depression or anxiety? Chronic pain can keep you from enjoying activities you once loved and change the way you relate to family and friends. 

The latest research into chronic pain indicates that pain is a complex mechanism involving initial tissue damage, neurological reactions and behavioural elements which often require a multi-disciplinary approach. As medical intervention often cannot resolve chronic pain completely, biopsychosocial approaches that help clients manage and ease their pain more effectively are important considerations. Pain affects your body, emotions, relationships and ability to live the life you want.

You may find that even though you have sought medical attention, are participating in physiotherapy, therapeutic massage or other important interventions that you still experience pain that causes distress, limits your functionality and interferes with your ability to enjoy your life. You may find that others become impatient or do not understand. You may find yourself feeling frustrated, isolated and misunderstood. 

It’s very important to pursue physical healing such as massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and of course visiting your doctor. But you are missing an important element in the healing process if you neglect to treat the rest of you, the other very important parts of you that are also intensely impacted by injury, illness and pain….your mind, emotions, social relationships, and identity.  Pain can cause feelings of low self-worth, loss, lack of confidence, grief, anxiety, frustration and depression.

If this sounds like you, you know your life could be better. Pain is holding you back.

Your pain is real and affects you physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. A biopsychosocial approach treats your whole self. Feeling better by giving you back control, helping you to learn to master new strategies to manage your pain.

As a client you will participate in a customized pain management program designed to focus on your unique needs. Programs include in-office visits and methods to use at home. Your unique plan may include application of the following modalities: assessments, cognitive behavioural techniques, mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy, ACT, life narrative, relaxation strategies, relationship healing, biofeedback and others. In addition to experiencing less pain, most clients also find that they become happier, have better relationships and have hope for their future. It’s time to enjoy your life again!

Virginia Purcell has a BSc in Biology, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with several years experience in treating chronic pain, grief, trauma, depression and anxiety with a biopsychosocial lens.  She provides counselling in Fernie and also owns and operates a nature based equine facilitated psychotherapy service in the East Kootenays. She loves the outdoors, the healing power of nature, animals, meeting new people, and lattes with friends.

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